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Commercial Grade Plastic Drinkware for Foodservice & Hospitality

Glass Breakage is gone forever - along with frequent replacement costs and high potential liability. Plastic never shatters like glass, making clean-up easier and faster without any danger of lacerations or contamination from glass chips. Reduced liability, combined with longevity in use, makes plastic drinkware your best overall value. The Reason? Even though plastic may cost more initially, it saves you money in the long run by reducing your total operating costs.

Yes, our drinkware has an almost indistinguishable look from glassware and is safe for commercial dishwashers. Your customers will appreciate how plastic greatly reduces condensation and provides superior insulating qualities. Plus you can chill our tumblers and frost them exactly like glassware.

Plastic drinkware is more convenient, too. It's lighter than glassware and nests for easier handling. Also, Plastic drinkware is ready to use right from the dishwasher. There's no waiting and no worries about thermal shock breakage from pouring a cold drink into a hot glass.

Our plastic drinkware offers superior presentation than those flimsy disposables. It's also reusable and that's better for the environment. All product is made in the U.S.A.

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